Authentic Personality


We grow and realize our potential through the interactions with the world around us – family and society, and their expectations and demands.

When we grow in an environment surrounded by people who support and encourage us to express ourselves (our qualities and talents, our needs, thoughts and desires) freely and spontaneously we develop authentic personality. The authentic personality is the true expression of who we really are.

As we grow, we are continuously relating with other people, and we never become independent of the environment. In our childhood these people are our parents and family, then school teachers and peers, and then the friends, colleagues, spouses, and society in adulthood.

If at each stage of our life we are understood and accepted by people around us for who we truly are, our authentic personality grows harmoniously and our potential unfolds spontaneously over time. Then our attitudes and behaviors, and our whole life becomes the expression of our unique inner nature – our Self.