The Self and Self-Realisation


In the East, the Self has been described variously as: the void, the point of no-thingness, Tao, essential energy, the jewel in the lotus, pure beingness. This ‘beingness’ has been given various names through the ages: Spirit, Soul, Atman, Tao, NO-self.

The Self is our true identity beyond all masks and conditioning. It is our essence, a core of our being. It is a stable, firm, permanent center, a center of our authenticity and wholeness.

All our qualities and energies emanate from the Self. We may use the analogy of the sun to illustrate this point. The Self is like the sun, which is the center of our solar system and is the source of all light. As the sun’s rays and energies pervade the entire solar system, so the radiance and emanations of the Self pervade our entire being.

The unfolding of our potential begins at birth, goes through the amazing growth of our infancy and childhood, the challenges of adolescence years and adulthood, and continues into our old age and until death.

This process of becoming more and more what we are is called Self-realisation. Self-realisation is an evolving process. We never become ‘Self-realized’, we are only ‘Self-realizing’. There is no end to one’s potential; the process of development and growth does not end.

Being in touch with our Self gives us a feeling of perfect peace, stillness, unity and serenity.