The Power of Affirmations


Affirmation is a positive statement used to reprogram your unconscious mind, a statement when said to yourself over and over, and with feeling, will intensify the internal forces and manifest change in your life.

Listed below are certain rules to be followed for optimum use of affirmations:

  • Always use the PRESENT TENSE. Say “I am healthy”, or “I am calm”, or “I am optimistic”, or…..
  • Be POSITIVE. Only positive affirmations work. The unconscious mind is incapable of dealing in negatives. So, if you say “I am not fat”, then when the affirmation reaches the unconscious mind, the term “not” is ignored and it becomes “I am fat”.
  • REPETITION. In order to bring about significant changes in your life, affirmations have to be done several times a day till they become a reality.
    The principle behind the working of affirmations is similar to that of drops of water falling on a rock. A few drops will not make any difference to the rock but if the drops fall continuously, then, over a period of time, the rock will be worn out.
    If you do affirmations for a few days only, the expected results may not come.